With 20 years of experience, In-Tech Electronics continues to strive to be a world-class Electronics Manufacturing (EMS) provider.

In-Tech is a Hong Kong based company with manufacturing facilities in China, offering end-to-end solutions to our OEM customers in the areas of automotive, medical & healthcare, communication & networking, POS & banking as well as marine and aerospace electronics.




IoT is revolutionizing the way we monitor and control our possessions and facilities regardless of where they are and In-Tech can help you on the journey from IoT Device Concept to deployable system. In-Tech have been producing industrial IoT devices […]

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    We are pleased to announce that In-Tech has entered into agreements to establish its own “end to end” production facility in Penang, Malaysia.  In-Tech Electronics SDN BHD will be located on the mainland less than one hour away from Penang […]

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    This year’s annual company staff trip visited Bali, Bangkok, Pattaya, Zhaoqing, and Guizhou in total almost 600 staffs included the members of their families. Everyone enjoyed activities together over a long weekend.

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